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Don't procrastinate. Renovate!

Planning a small or larger renovation?

Confused about all the Red Tape (building codes, building permits, who to use, who to trust)?

Worried about how to organize various trades people to get the job done professionally?

Started a project but unable to finish?

Call me, Pete Russo at 519.591.2002, and ask me how we can make your renovation experience a good one.

Take the first step; plan your renovation.  Understand what needs to be done and how to do it right, the first time.  Hire a home renovation expert that knows the in's and out's of renovation, because there are always surprises behind those walls.  

At Russo Home Renovations Inc. we can help you obtain the appropriate building permits.  We can assist you in preparing your required drawings/plans to obtain Building Permits.

Or, simply contact Russo Home Renovations Inc.  
We guarantee our work in writing.